06 November, 2006


Today the summer semester begins~~~

I will have the grammar for teachers in the evening. I am looking forward to have this subject and I am looking forward completing the courses in the summer and I will have a big holiday then!


I know it is not good think the holiday first, well, let me do this ,,,daydreaming now...

Keep going, jupiterbaby!!!

31 October, 2006

Evaluation of my website

Basically, designing a website is what I want to learn in this technology subject, because the website can suit for teaching curriculum when I go back to china. Moreover, since experienced the studying and learning, I found that the knowledge I have gained is so useful, important and practical. Therefore, I have tried and applied theories in designing my first teaching website. In addition, I feel that I am going on the way to design a good website for teaching English.

The website which I designed is for the first year students in the university in China which I have worked in. My purpose of designing this website is to practice their reading and speaking; therefore, I design the activities to activate the students’ background knowledge and also can improve the reading abilities of skimming, scanning and discussing with other students.

According to the English level when they enter the university after they completed the National Matriculation Entrance Test (NMET), the contents which I select are the immediate level. The Hot Potatoes activities, such as multiple choice items, crosswords items, marching items and cloze items, can not only enlarge their background knowledge, but also help them to increase the learning interests. By first presenting some background information, student will finish the activities better and feel they can learn a lot by themselves. The templates are easy to go into the next page and also the homepage. The pictures and additional links can also help students to find the information which they are interested in.

After experiencing the researching of CALL and CELL theories, designing a website and gaining feedback from my classmates, I am affirmed by my peer that I have done a good job in designing the website. Due to their experience of teaching, they all consider that this website is a good to provide the environment for learning English. However, they give me two good considerations about my website. The first one will be consideration about the activities. Good activities will lead the students to perform smoothly. Therefore, I will inform students to first go to my web quest and then explore my website; moreover, I will put some more background information in some part of activities in order to lead students to perform well. The second point is the consideration about the students’ English level. For the further improvement, I will put some more links which is easy for them to read and search for information, such as the wiki pages.

In conclusion, form preparing this website; I have gained plenty of knowledge and theories in how to apply computer technology in teaching English. Therefore, learn by doing. I do think I have learned a lot during technology subject.

24 October, 2006


Hello, everyone!!!

My final website is here: http://www.geocities.com/jupiterbabyyvonne/homepage.html

Welcome go and have a look at it and then give me some comments!!!

23 October, 2006

writing technology assignment

Hello, today I have finally revise my website and I found that the hot potatoes also words well. I just hope that it can work well when Debra see it...

I was quite working hard on my assignment about the technology. I check my website and also write the assignment at the same time...I found that the website nearly finished...therefore, I focues on my written paper now...

This semester, I learnt a lot in teaching technology. The most important thing is that I found some really good techniques in teaching English using technology. I do think that the communicative language teaching works well in utilizing computer in the classroom.

Currently, students are good at how to use computer in China, therefore, I found that I really choose a useful subject this semester!

After I have finished the assignment writing, it will be great a lot!!!

17 October, 2006

haha, good morning~~~

Good morning!!!

I go to the research center very early this morning.
I bring my breakfast with me so that I will not lose the seat in the research center like yesterday...

I go the cln618 to search some website to write my assignment about how to design a website for my target group...
I search a lot of website in olt cln618 and I should find them both in level 3 and level 4 in the library!

People like my best friend are planning the trip for the coming week...It is unbelievable that I do not keen on travelling now...
Maybe I have grown up now and now I am considered to be a good teacher and to read a lot of acdemic articles instead of just playing too much...

Well, anyway, just make a perfect plan everyday and do not waste time on day dreaming!!!

16 October, 2006

My website...

I should say: designing a website is not easy for just download the images and write the words...it is more than that...

For website, I should design the activities for each items...and my topic is the Solay System...which means I should have plenty of activities to each planet!!!

Anyway, no talking and keep going~~~

08 October, 2006

my favourite singers...

my favourite singers are David Tao, Jay Chou, Utada...

Utada: http://www.utada-online.net/
David Tao: http://www.davidtao.com/ & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Tao
Jay Chou: http://www.jay-chou.net/forums/portal.php

Should believe, once there is the great musician, he or she must has their special characters and most important is that their music is belongs to the young mind...

They search the love, friendship, myth and life...
They use their heart and soul to write music, because they know life is full of advanture and honesty.
Be pure to yourself, then you can find the true music in your heart...